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Boy Scout Troop 631
(Portville, New York)
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Thanks for visiting our website

Boy Scout Troop 631 serves Portville, NY


About Us

Our Troop meets weekly, on Monday nights from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm at; River's Edge Methodist Church at 10 N. Main St, Portville, NY 14770. Our meetings begin in mid-August (week after school starts) and runs through mid June. 


We are dedicated to providing a quality Boy Scout program for the young men of our area. We focus on developing skills and instilling an attitude of service. We strive to teach character and develop leaders through the philosophy and methods of the scouting program.


To learn more about our troop, please click on the "contact our Troop" link on the tool bar at the top of this page.


Unit Leader Award

Western Gate District

Unit Leader Award of Merit - 2015


Dave Michie – Troop 631

Dave began his career in Scotland where he earned the rank of First Class. When he came to the United States he re-joined Scouting when his son was in the third grade. He has been involved with Scouting ever since, over 23 years. Dave has always been very organized and focused in regard to teaching Scouts what it means to have Scout Spirit. He cares about the mission of Scouting and each member of the troop.During his tenure 25 scouts will have earned Eagle. He doesn't push this, it happens in a natural progression with the boys leading the way while having a great time. We have been very lucky to have Dave in our community in general and Scouting in particular.

Dan Hinz - Committee Chair, Troop 631

Since I joined the Boy Scouts four years ago, Mr. Michie has been an inspiration to me, not only in Scouting,but in the way I live my life. He has taught me how to be a good leader in mytroop and he has helped me advance to my current rank of Life scout. I have been our Senior Patrol Leader for several months under Mr. Michie and he is probably the reason that I accepted that position. I have watched him since I crossed over and I think that he is one of the best leaders I have ever met. He has worked for the betterment of scouting and the improvement of many local youths,and I am glad I had the privilege to work with him and around him.

Michael Hinz  - Life scout, Troop 631





Troop 631 Website Policy

The purpose of theTroop 631 web site is (a) to promote the exchange of informationamong the Scouts and Scouters of the Troop, (b) to market Scouting to the localcommunity, and (c)to enhance theTroop’s mission to the community by promoting the program, aims andmethods of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Troop 631 websitesupplements existing forms of communication in conducting the Scouting program.It is recognized that all Scouters do not have access to the Internet and/ore-mail. These technologies are not required to obtain required information, butmay aid in the timely exchange of information.

Oversight: The Troop 631 Committee ("the Committee") willgovern the content of the Troop 631 website. The official Troop 631 site hasbeen developed and is being maintained and edited by the Troop 631 Webmaster.The webmaster provides input and oversight for all content of the website. Allcomments and suggestions regarding this website should be directed to theWebmaster. All files are maintained on a single server.

The Troop 631 websitecontains links to external Scouting-related web sites. Troop 631, itschartering organization nor the webmaster shall be held liable for the contentsof this or any other website.

Content: All documents,illustrations, photographs and linked material must conform to the principles,policies and traditions of the Boy Scouts of America and Troop 631’s charteredpartner. All Troop 631 web pages must clearly identify the unit that itrepresents and a contact person with e-mail address for comments.

Adult Leadership: An adult who is currently registered with the unit mustserve as adviser for the website, and all material must be approved bythe adviser prior to placing it on a Web Page.

Links: The committee willreview and approve links to other reputable sites promoting Scouting andrelated activities. These links will be periodically reviewed and reauthorized.

Names: The use ofindividual's names on the Troop website will be limited to the following:

Youth: First name and lastinitial only. No addresses, phone numbers or email addresses. Parents/guardianswill be advised of this policy at time of registration to allow them to opt outor restrict name use.  Additionally, any references can be deleted fromour website at any time upon their notification to the webmaster, CommitteeChair or Scoutmaster.

Photographs: Pictures of youth may appear on the web as long as no nameor other personal information is associated with the picture.

Questions regardingthis web policy should be directed to the Scoutmaster of Troop 631.